Notifications without sound not working


I’m in two teams, with some overlap in members. Apparently account settings are not synced for both teams, but even when I explicity set the notification settings in both teams to not play a sound, there still is a sound when I get direct message. I see this issue on the Windows app version 3.5.0, and Mattermost enterprise edition 3.4.0.

Steps to reproduce

  • Start Windows app version 3.5.0
  • Open two teams in two tabs
  • Set Account Settings --> Notifications --> Only for direct mentions and direct messages --> Notification Sound --> Off in both teams
  • Let any user send a direct message

Expected behavior

A notification is received without a sound

Observed behavior

A notification is received with a sound

Hi @arnedc

Thank you for your report!

The issue you’re describing was fixed with the release of v3.5.0 (

Please try updating your version of the Desktop app - v3.6 has just been released and can be downloaded from this page.

You can also try updating your version of Mattermost Enterprise Edition to v3.6, also available on the “download” page (link above).

Let us know if this works!