Highlight important messages to make them more prominent for everyone in the channel?

Hi there, does anyone have suggestions on how users could mark their posts as ‘important’ or ‘urgent’, so that it has more prominence (for all users), other than pinning them to the Channel?
(We thought we could pin those messages and get users to check pinned messages - but we’re finding pinned messages aren’t so easily accessible on mobile - the link is ‘hidden’ among channel settings and functions like add/manage members).

Any suggestions, ideas would be much appreciated, many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, @suko

While I can understand that the pinned messages are not easily noticeable on the mobile app (For example):

May I know if you are suggesting to have an icon within the channel itself, similar to the one that we have on the desktop / web app to make it more prominent?

For example, have the pinned posts icon here:

Feel free to share some thoughts on this so we can propose this improvement to the UI / UX mobile team. Thanks.

Hi @ahmaddanial, thanks - in a nutshell, yes :slight_smile: This is assuming there is no way to mark an outgoing message as ‘important’ or ‘urgent’ (please tell me if I assume wrong!). Pinning messages would then be the only feature I can think of that could serve a similar purpose. [I’m relatively new to Mattermost, and I was puzzled to find the pinned messages button where it currently is in the mobile app - may be there’s a reason that I haven’t thought about…]

Hello, @suko

You are welcome. There is a feature that allows you to flag messages for follow up as of now. For example:

However, this is only applicable to messages that the user him / herself flags, which means that other users will not see it unless they perform the same thing too.

Pinning messages is the best way to make it visible for every participant in the channel if you were to ask for my opinion.

I will share this with the mobile team to get more thoughts on this.

Thank you :slight_smile: