Is there a way to automatically PIN/FLAG a post that contains specified text?

Just as the title says:

Is there a way to automatically PIN and/or FLAG a message in the channel that contains specified text via BOT or the system?


Simplest way I can think of would be using an outgoing hook to get the messages by the trigger word you wish and using the API to take actions.

At the very least I don’t know any existent bots that would do that for you.

On the other hand if you have a bigger programming background you could use one of the current available bots to implement the feature.

@prixone -

I get the messages fine via outgoing webhook, not worried about that.

But I’d like to use this as like a “TO DO” list if you will. That way, my team could type a specific word or phrase like “ADD TO DO”, and that would pin it to the channel for everyone to see, Ya feel me?

I DO NOT have a coding background, sysadmin here. I’ll look around, I think this would be a great feature.

The API is rather simple and direct if you have a slightly background on c# or php you could achieve it, alternatively you could hire some one to do it for you via for example.

From what I can see the bots for mattermost are separated from it self, you could look for some of the bots at the integration page and perhaps suggest he feature to their developers, alternatively.

@prixone got it! Thanks.

Is there a BOT that you know which is somewhat of the “gold standard” or most used?


I haven’t used any but I think rubot is the most used, not sure… maybe some other member will come in and say something.