[Solved] How to search messages by bot?

Hi, there!

Can I setup up bot to search messages in public channel?

Hello @nurekil,

Absolutely! You can configure a bot to search through messages in a public channel. Normally, you’d design the bot to use Mattermost’s API and scan through all the messages in a specific channel.

Here’s the API documentation: Mattermost API

Particularly, you might find the ‘get a channel’s posts’ API endpoint useful for your scenario.

Please note that the complexity of the search mechanism would largely depend on your specific requirements. Basic search would involve looking through each message while more complex search might need a smart search algorithm.

If you need further assistance with setting up your bot or working with the API, don’t hesitate to ask!

~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

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Thank you! Marked your reply as a solution.

Second link in your reply is corrupted. Link should be like Mattermost API Reference
Fix it please.

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Big cheers for following up to let us know, nurekil! Bad link has been fixed.

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