Highlight on flagged messages button

Hi! I like the flagged for followup feature, but it would be nice if, whenever any flagged messages existed, the flag button in the top right corner (which allows you to see a list of your flagged messages) were highlighted, reminding you that you had things to follow up on.

Hello, @Hawk777

What I understand from your suggestion is to have the icon to be highlighted / glow by default once you have 1 or more flagged messages in the channel.


Am I getting the right idea?

Yes, but not “in the channel”. The flag button shows flagged posts across all channels and groups, so I think the icon should be highlighted according to the same criteria: if you have any flagged messages, at all, anywhere.

Hi, @Hawk777

Got it. So, it should be highlighted as long as there is one or more flagged messages across the entire team. I like that idea.

Would you be open to raise a topic in the Mattermost Uservoice portal since we keep track of suggestions and new features here? Else, I will be happy to do it for you and share the link here for reference.

I had no idea that’s where feature requests went. Looks like someone already asked for roughly the same thing! https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/36982153-show-number-of-flagged-message-on-the-top-right-co