[pq: unnamed prepared statement does not exist] while creating a team

Hi all !

I’m trying to install mattermost. It works well, but I can’t create any team.

Here is the error :

[2015/10/06 15:20:08 CEST] [EROR] /api/v1/teams/create_from_signup:SqlTeamStore.Save code=500 rid=mk8mar974in388w3hes4hz9x4e uid= ip= We couldn't save the team [details: id=8dee9ko8ut81jdcxo6n6r1k5aw, pq: unnamed prepared statement does not exist]

I use pgpool-II, I don’t know if there is a link ?

Thanks in advance

This appears to be a problem with pgpool-II. As a test, can you bypass the middleware piece and connect directly to postgres to see if it works?

Hi and thanks for your answer.

I’ve searched for hours yesterday without any clue. The problem seems indeed to come from pgpool2, but I can’t touch it a lot, cause we have some websites in production in this VM.

I’ve tried on another VM on which we have a MySQL server running, and it works fine.

So the issue is not close, but it’s resolved for my case