Preview: Connect Mattermost with over 600 supported apps on Zapier

Mattermost is inviting you to use our beta Zapier app. Zapier is a service that automates tasks between web apps. You can create zaps that contain a trigger and an action for a task that you want to perform repeatedly. Zapier regularly checks your trigger for new data and automatically performs the action for you.

Using Zapier, you can integrate Mattermost with over 600 supported apps, including GitHub, Jira, Wufoo, Salesforce, Twitter, Gmail and many more.

If you’re a Zapier expert, click and accept this invitation link after registering a Zapier OAuth application on your Mattermost server. If you’re new to Zapier, we recommend following our comprehensive setup guide with formatting tips and troubleshooting advice.

Here’s some examples of how our team uses Zapier:

  • Integrated Community - Posts made by the Mattermost community and contributors on our discussion forums, feature idea forum, GitHub issues, JIRA issues, and GitLab issues are zapped into the Community Heartbeat channel so our team has a centralized location to see all incoming communication and respond promptly. Zaps posted in Mattermost can be made by bots with custom usernames and profile pictures.

  • Social Media Savvy - Twitter mentions of @mattermosthq are zapped into the Twitter channel. Zapier’s RSS integration scans Hacker News and Reddit for mentions of Mattermost.

  • Welcoming Contributions - Tickets in JIRA labeled accepting-pull-requests are zapped into the APR Tickets channel so contributors can discuss and take on projects that interest them.

  • Swift Customer Service - Zendesk integration zaps support ticket threads into Mattermost. The zap includes a hashtag with the ticket number so our team can instantly see the entire string of communication for a specific ticket. Filtering by Zendesk tags allows us to zap contact request tickets to a different channel than technical support tickets.

Learn more about Zapier by reading our documentation.

Thank you, this is really great stuff @eric!

Have tried it quickly and it’s really simple to set up. Did a Twitter zap that posts a message when getting a new follower, including the amount of followers that person has.

The only bug (?) I’ve found: The message is sent from my account, not the username I specified in Zapier (which is optional)… Also, the user icon that is used is not the one I specified (a public url to a jpg).

Any ideas? Or is this due to the beta status? Anyway, thanks a lot!

Thanks @arjan! Can you verify that Enable webhooks and slash commands to override usernames and Enable webhooks and slash commands to override profile picture icons are both set to true in the System Console > Integrations > Custom Integrations section?

Ooops that was it @eric, I was very certain I did set them to true, but didn’t check. Now it’s running like a charm. Great feature!

Form which version does this works ?
I’m on 3.0.3 and I don’t have the Integrations Menu in my System Console.