Zapier OAuth integration is broken

Hey folks,

the Zapier Oauth integration is broken due to a backend problem in Zapier. Unfortunately they seems to think that this bug should be fixed by the Mattermost team. Is anybody out there who can investigate this?

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PS: I had to change the uri from // to \\ and some dots from . to [dot] due to user restrictions for new forum members.

25.02.22, 21:58

Thank you so much for reaching back out to Zapier Support, my name is Chelsea :blush:

I checked on the bug report that was related to your last help desk ticket with Zapier, and it looks like it is still currently not resolved. Because the Mattermost integration is not managed by Zapier and instead was built and is maintained by Mattermost themselves, it is not possible for us to pass on an eta on when this would be corrected.

However, once they have resolved this bug and released a fix, we get notified and then we email our impacted users to let them know the issue has been resolved. For now, I would recommend hanging tight and keeping an eye on your inbox. However, you are welcome to reach out to Mattermost directly to see if they may have any further information on when a fix would be available, or if there are possible workarounds that they could offer.

While I know this may not be the news you were hoping for, I do encourage you to reach out to us here at Zapier Support by emailing us at contact[at]zapier[dot]com should you have any other questions or concerns. For now, I hope you have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

Chelsea - Zapier Support

25.02.22, 13:54

Hey Zapier team,

what’s about my issue? Is the inetration of Mattermost finally fixed? If it’s so, i wasn’t informed via email like promised.

Sorry, but we could not use your service without a stable Mattermost support.

Best regards,



(12:34:55 PM) *** Marc Leonhardt joined the chat ***
(12:34:55 PM) Marc Leonhardt: Hello,

Mattermost Oauth 2 authorization is not working due to a bug on your site.

Every Request is send with client_id=temp regardless which client_id was entered in the form.
(12:35:54 PM) Marc Leonhardt: example https:\\[dot]com%2Fdashboard%2Fauth%2Foauth%2Freturn%2FMattermostDevAPI%2F&response_type=code&state=1641989539.153158731957
(12:37:35 PM) Débora Roncon Roncon Moura: Hi Marc,

Débora here from Zapier Support, thank you for reaching :rocket:

I can’t open the link as I can’t access your Mattermost account.

Are you ok to show me a screenshot of what’s happening in Zapier’s side?
(12:38:31 PM) Marc Leonhardt: the link is an example for the wrong get request - was not intended to open directly
(12:38:36 PM) Marc Leonhardt: one moment
(12:38:44 PM) Débora Roncon Roncon Moura: Ok thanks!
(12:41:18 PM) Marc Leonhardt uploaded: Bildschirmfoto-von-2022-01-12-13-39-53.png
URL: https:\\zapier.zendesk[dot]com/attachments/token/8tsWjgOLbfz1Rny18OS1Qzus6/?name=Bildschirmfoto-von-2022-01-12-13-39-53.png
Type: image/png
Size: 83492
(12:41:37 PM) Marc Leonhardt: results in
(12:41:42 PM) Marc Leonhardt uploaded: Bildschirmfoto-von-2022-01-12-13-41-28.png
URL: https:\\zapier.zendesk[dot]com/attachments/token/VA44NTNHMC7OyTTfYlarXSUoS/?name=Bildschirmfoto-von-2022-01-12-13-41-28.png
Type: image/png
Size: 29672
(12:41:54 PM) Marc Leonhardt: because
(12:41:58 PM) Marc Leonhardt: https:\\zapier[dot]com/engine/oauth/redirect/MattermostCLIAPI@1.9.0/?
(12:42:15 PM) Marc Leonhardt: leads to
(12:42:17 PM) Marc Leonhardt: https:\\[dot]com%2Fdashboard%2Fauth%2Foauth%2Freturn%2FMattermostDevAPI%2F&response_type=code&state=1641991202.221406778109
(12:42:24 PM) Marc Leonhardt: there is a bug in your backend
(12:43:17 PM) Marc Leonhardt: regardless which client_id is entered, the param “temp” is used in the get request
(12:43:59 PM) Marc Leonhardt: do you see the “client_id=temp” after the question mark in the last url?
(12:44:26 PM) Marc Leonhardt: instead of temp there should be “MYCLIENTID”
(12:44:35 PM) Débora Roncon Roncon Moura: Let me check this, one moment
(12:44:41 PM) Marc Leonhardt: thanks
(12:44:50 PM) Débora Roncon Roncon Moura: No worries at all
(12:56:37 PM) Débora Roncon Roncon Moura: Thanks for waiting Chris! I checked and it seems this error has been reported by other users so we’ve opened a bug report to the team that develops the integration (Mattermost’s team in this case).

I’ve added you to the list of affected users so, should there be any developments on this you’ll be notified by email.

Not ideal as there’s not immediate resolution but I hope it helps clarify the situation
(12:58:16 PM) Marc Leonhardt: My name is Marc :smiley: but thank you for your help, we will wait for the solution.
(12:59:57 PM) Débora Roncon Roncon Moura: AHHHH my apolgies Marc! No worries at all!

Have an amazing day :sparkles:

My kindest regards,
(01:00:19 PM) *** Marc Leonhardt left the chat ***

We have a ticket in progress that looks related: [MM-41519] - Mattermost.

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