Error trying to connect Zapier to Mattermost

I’m trying to connect Zapier to my Mattermost server. I followed this page, registered zapier as an OAuth 2.0 application, and then tried to connect in zapier. It looks like it’s working, and then I get this error:

Oh, foo.

Zapier could not connect to your account.

Error parsing response. We got: "<!doctype html><meta name=“viewport” content=“width=devi”

Looks like it’s being served a web page?

Hi hrs, welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

If you weren’t able to solve this issue on your own in the meantime, please provide screenshots of your configurations so we can verify that everything is set up correctly and try to reproduce it on our end. Please make sure to blur sensitive information, but keep the relevant parts intact.