Preview of Links from websites.. (Snippets/Pictures)?

I do not know, if i choose the right way, to get it to mattermost :writing_hand:
I try to type something on the suggestion page:

Perhaps we can trigger it to the limit :wink: :ambulance: :biohazard:

Or do we have to activate something in the configuration…?

Hi @MartinH,

Thanks for opening a feature request on uservoice, that’s the best place to put it.

There’s a link preview feature you can turn on under Account Settings > Advanced > Preview Pre-release Features. It only works for a few websites and has some issues though, so we’re likely going to redo it sometime over the next couple months.

Thanks so far and the fast reply…

Can you tell me, which sites do work?

Our customer needs that like doing it in facebook or twitter and such modern things :wink:


I think Twitter works, but it has some issues with shortened twitter links giving a blank preview.

The link previews should be improved within the next couple months.

Yeah… Twitter works… Thanks for the hint…

But the slack blessed users want more :wink: :anguished:

We will wait…