Private network Chat

Hey there,

I’m very excited to have found this project, I searched through a lot of alternatives to end up here.

I want to be able to create a private wifi only network that is not connected to the internet at all, and allow users to communicate on that private network with their phones. The use-case for this is out camping where there is no cell service.

My big concerns are:
-can users sign up on the fly?
-is there a push notification option for the Android/iOS apps (I believe those apps are in beta)? and if so, could it be hosted on the same private server?

Any information you can provide would be appreciated!

Mattermost can work on an air gaped network.
Yes, users can signup on the fly, but account creation needs to happen via the web interface.
You can host your own push notification proxy server, but for push communications to work the server needs internet access to talk to Apple and Google push servers. Also, in general, for cell phones to receive a push notification they must be connected to the internet.