Self-hosted mattermost and push notifications

Hi. I’ve read all the docs I can find on this, and I was wondering if I could just get a few things clarified.

  1. Can we use TPNS within our organization, if we are fine with non-production level SLAs? What are the limitations? e.g. rate limits, etc… How reliable is it? Seems to work perfectly so far.

  2. If we use our own push proxy and our own key, do we have to compile the mobile clients from source (with the config changes)? In this case, do most people just publish their own version of the mobile clients in Google Play/App Store? For android, it’s probably simple enough to install directly from apk, but for iOS, I don’t think its so simple.

Thanks to the mattermost devs for this wonderful software.

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I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your experience with Mattermost! As far as I personally know I don’t believe that there are any rate limits if your using your own servers, but I know @ahmaddanial would be able to clarify further!

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Thank you for your reply. I like the idea of self-hosting the server component. But it seems that to self-host the push proxy, I also have to compile and distribute custom copies of the mobile apps. Although I like that idea too, I’m just concerned that non-tech people in my org (especially iOS users) will have too many issues trying to get a custom app installed on their phones.

Ideally, I would like to self-host the server, but use TPNS ( as the push notification server, just so that we can simply install the mobile client apps directly from the stores. But, I certainly don’t want to violate any of the terms of use, or abuse the TPNS. We’ll likely only ever have a handful or two of concurrent users.

Hi, @pacodekumite

Happy to know that you are enjoying Mattermost. With reference to the questions that you have:

  1. The usage of TPNS works well is you are clear and fine with the limitations listed in the documentation. No rate limitation. So far it has been working well for me too in my staging environment.

  2. That is right. The requirement of building and compiling the mobile app yourself comes into play if you want to customize the mobile apps yourself (for example, using EMM or you want to host your own push proxy server instead of using one of Mattermost’s hosted versions.

If you are subscribed to E10/E20, you can utilize the HPNS as well as another alternative.

My alternative thought to what @ahmaddanial so kindly said above, is if your organization has the resources/willingness to pay the small fees to simply publish your custom MM apps to the iOS and Android App stores? If you could, then your organization’s users could install your app just like any other app from the app store, and therefore (hopefully) wouldn’t be as big of an issue for the less technical among you.

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Thank you both for your comments. I’ll definitely check out how involved the process is for compiling the mobile apps. For now, I’m very happy to just use the out-of-the-box experience, while we only have 3-4 users actively using the app. But in the future, I’m almost sure we will move to E10 or custom builds.

Thanks again for this awesome platform. What an age it is in which we are living.

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Of course, I hope it goes well! If you encounter any issues in the future, if/when you decide to upgrade, or create custom builds, please always feel free to open additional threads, or directly message me and I’ll be happy to assist you with the creation and deployment of your custom builds!

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