MM Push Notifications when Self Hosted (Omnibus)

I installed MM Omnibus. I want to enable push notifications.
However, I understand there are only these options:

  • TPNS: Not recommended in production as per Mobile push notifications — Mattermost documentation > Test Push Notifications Service. Also, it doesn’t work anyway: even if enable, the mobile app still says “notifications cannot be received from this server, […] contact your system admin for more information”
  • HPNS: only for hosted solutions
  • MPNS: only for custom apps as per Push notification service

So… it is literally impossible to send Push Notifications unless I also build my custom app and get both Apple and Google developer status?!
This is a little … disappointing.

I am sure I miss something?

TPNS works fine for me, the problem is likely somewhere else (maybe server config like reverse proxy, firewall, etc.).

There are some troubleshooting steps here that you could try.