TPSN does not work. Well, it is possible to configure Push notifications

We use a self-hosted server version 7.7.1
License - free
Sending push notifications is configured according to the instructions, but notifications do not arrive in the mobile app.
In the log message:

{"timestamp":"2023-03-03 11:50:39.043 +03:00"," level":"info","msg":"Portal unavailable for self-hosted signup.","caller":"web/context.go:115","path":"/api/v4/hosted_customer/signup_available","request_id":"acfmdxt687dzzjcu4ki8c9cu6y","ip_addr":"*some_ip*","user_id":"3ipk9kbcubf1bxdjmr6ch46soh","method":"GET","err_where":"Api4.handleSignupAvailable","http_code":501,"error":"Api4.handleSignupAvailable: Portal unavailable for self-hosted signup."}

Hi @kiper and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Is this the logfile from your Mattermost server and if so, is this out of the notifications.log or out of mattermost.log? Which TPNS server did you configure in system console and are you able to curl it on the command line (should return a simple HTML telling you that it is a Push notification server)?

Hi @agriesser, thanks for the quick response.
Yes, this is a message from my Mattermost server. This is the output from mattermost.log.
I have configured TPS in the system console -
A request(curl) for this address from the mattermost server returns a response - Push notification server

Somebody help me, please.

Can you please check notifications.log for any errors? The error you posted is unrelated to this.

Are the notifications not coming for a single user or for all users?