Problem with SMTP configuration


Mattermost SMTP configuration for SMTP relay using

Steps to reproduce

Mattermost Team Edition
Mattermost Version: 5.14.0
Database Schema Version: 5.14.0
Database: postgres
SMTP configuration:

I have smtp relay in gmail,configurated to allow all messages from mattermost server IP ,with TLS on and without SMTP authentication off.I dont have TLS configurated on mattermost server - only on proxy.

Expected behavior

Mail messages should be delivered to recipient.

Observed behavior

Mail messages are not sent by the Mattermost server.He asks for turning on SMTP authentification.But accounts they don’t need it.
From logs:
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1567412113.274531,“caller”:“app/email.go:354”,“msg”:“Failed to send invite email successfully err=SendMail: Error setting “From Address”, 530 5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at\n5.5.1 o20sm2236716ljg.31 - gsmtp”}

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