Project Management Tools, Mindmap, Gantt Chart etc

Hi there,

We are currently looking for a tool to organize our startup’s project management and devops all in one tool, so all the slack, trello, jira, bitbucket and so on stuff.

Bu most importantly we need a project management tool that contains tools like a mindmap, a gantt chart, a timeline and dependencies. For example Clickup has these tools or some other comparable saas providers.

I can’t see that you have those tools, or do you have them in your main system or in an app or plugin available in some way or how could we utilize Mattermost and get hold of these extra tools that are essential for our work? If we can get those tools then we would consider moving to Mattermost as our devs actually like it. Please let us know.

I look forward to receiving your answer.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards