Proposal to revise our Insights feature due to known performance issues

The Insights feature was released in v7.1. Since its release, we’ve been excited about the community’s enthusiasm for the feature. However, we have identified some performance issues that we have been working to optimize. We recommend disabling the feature by setting the MM_FEATUREFLAGS_INSIGHTSENABLED environment variable to false as we continue to identify and address issues.

With quality and performance being our most important focus, we are considering replacing this feature with new solutions to derive insights directly from channel data via AI framework and integrations. We believe that AI could provide the most flexibility to extract insights most relevant to each user individually. This technology has the potential to allow us to expedite a wider variety of insight options without sacrificing any quality of our product with costly database processing and interface rendering.

Please let us know what you think of AI for insights or the current Insights feature by replying to this post.