Public channels not available after moving to another server

I’ve got a problem with my mattermost server. We moved our configs and database from Mattermost server 4.9 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Mattermost 5.11 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The problem is that after transferring public channels are not viewable to users when they click “more…” to list out the channels they’re not subscribed to. Is there any way to make them viewable again? It’s creating a lot of problems when new users are registered and can’t join important public channels.

Hi @p.novito, do you see any Mattermost log errors or Console errors when this issue occurs?

I’ve got no such things. I wouldn’t even know where to look for them because there is no input on my part. The thing is there is no error, just no visible option to choose. Is there anything in the configuration files that would make the channels come back? Maybe making them private, then public again?

Hi @p.novito, what happens when they click “more…”? Do they just see a blank page?

Exactly that, just a blank page with no channels to choose from.

Hi @p.novito,

You can find browser Console errors from these locations, the wording may be a little different on your OS:

  • View > Developer > Developer Tools
  • More Tools > Developer Tools

You can find Mattermost logs from System Console > Logs, or at /opt/mattermost/logs.

Are you seeing this on browser webapp or desktop app?

Ok that didn’t help at all, but thanks for giving me advice. The thing that fixed it was making channels public again on force by using CLI commands. The command was “mattermost channel modify teamname:channelname --public --user myusername”. That’s for the future googling people :slight_smile: