Re-join to empty Private Group

How I can join to or delete empty private group which I had left? I’am owner of this group.
/join #channel -> We couldn’t find the channel

Hi @AXVill, right now you can’t rejoin a private group you left - you would need someone currently in the group to re-add you.

We’re considering a feature that will allow channels to work more like the Direct Messages list, so you would be able to “close” a private group and have it show up in a “More” list and then you would be able to re-join the channel.

If you were the last person in the Private Group, there’s no way to re-join right now. We will probably change the option for the last person in a Private Group to “Leave & Delete” so channels aren’t left in a state with no owners.

Thank you. Can you advice any hack to remove this abaddoned PG? From my POV, i need work with some scopes in DB tables.

Hi @AXVill, it’s highly recommended that you don’t manually update the database tables. Propose instead just post a message to someone you know is still in the private group, or post a message in Town Square asking that you be added back?

Unfortunately this private group is empty.

Even if you’re a Team Admin, you can’t see all private groups, so you can’t add yourself to them. Am I missing something here, or this is by default? It doesn’t make really sense to me: the sysadmin or the Team Admin should - at least - see ALL channels, private or not.

Hi @mcevoli,

Thanks for your question!

It is by default that system and team admins cannot see private channels. This is for privacy reasons. System Admins in large corporations can make use of the Compliance and Auditing function from the system console.