Deleting private groups

Hi, I work with a group of university students that put on a 3000ish attendee non-profit convention every year. It seems like mattermost is really geared towards a professional environment where people act like adults. For the most part this isn’t a problem, but silly nerdy college kids sometimes like to post memes and things and may have a tendency to create private groups to share memes among each other. We do not want this to be allowed, but until a feature gets added to prevent people from creating groups, I’d figure it’d be easy enough to remove their silly group and politely ask them not to do that anymore, and that’d be the end of it. Simple, right?

The documentation here it says very explicitly:
“Team and System Admins can delete any channel or group.”

However, I can’t see the rogue private groups to be able to even delete them as a system admin. The closest I can come to is being able to see the number of private groups created on a team in the system console. How do I go about doing what I want to do? I don’t want people doing silly crap on the server and want a way to make them stay focused on planning for the convention/festival we hold.


There is a CLI option ‘-list_channels’ but it is only available with enterprise license:S