Deleting and adding members is available to all members of a private group!

How to prevent users from being deleted from a private group.
Now (3.6.1) it is possible to remove any student by another any participant of a private group, moreover, a simple user can remove an administrator from a private group.

Thanks @danilvoe, that is correct. We are currently designing a more advanced permission system for Enterprise Edition that will offer much more customization of permissions, including the ability to restrict managing channel members.

The more extended version is excellent. But how about using Team version? To live in anarchy?
Can it make sense for the version of Team to add a parameter that simply prohibits the removal of all students, and this right to leave only for administrators and administrators of the group?
Just without it, private groups are problematic.

Hi @danilvoe,

Advanced permissions is part of the Enterprise Edition E10 and E20 subscription, so we don’t plan on adding this feature to Team Edition. Please take a look at our pricing page for more detail on what’s included in each edition.

We do offer discounts for Academic Licensing which might be of interest to you.

That’s too bad. Crippleware is a pretty unattractive to the open source community.

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Well, while it’s certainly true that you cannot set this option with the provided binary from Mattermost. The code to set permissions is part of the open source code. And since the settings are stored in the database you could even switch back to the official builds after setting up restrictions.

Alternatively: get an enterprise Eval key, setup permissions and then go back to the team edition.