Realtime audio communication

Hi Forum!
Is Mattermost capable of realtime audio communication (just like a phone call)? I found and installed the Voice Messaging Plugin, but this is asynchronous communication. Our Mattermost works also flawlessly with our Jitsi server, but we’d prefer an audio only option besides the video conferencing integration.
If Mattermost itself is not capable, are there related plugins?

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Hi Armin,

We don’t have that functionality natively supported yet. But there are plugins you can use to achieve that:

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Hi Agnivade, thanks for pointing me to the talk plugins.

I installed the mattermost-plugin-talk plugin, the system console says: OK, plugin is running! Unfortunately in the Windows desktop client the whole section “Voice Connection” (see screenshot) is lacking. I double checked in the web client: Same case, section is lacking. Also in the menus or sub-menus I couldn’t find related options to enable or display the section. For evaluation I run the “community” version of Mattermost server on a CentOS 8 system. Does the plugin only work on a paid version?

What do you mean by lacking? Do you expect something that is not there?

In any case, I’d suggest you to raise an issue in the plugin’s GitHub repo directly. The plugin author can better help you.