Referencing Channels

There has been some feedback from the community asking for a quick way to link to channels. In IRC, #channel is used, but in Mattermost hashtags are used to tag topics.

Opening a thread here to discuss options, here’s what we’ve considered so far:

  1. Reference channels using something other than # (for example, !channel-name).
  2. Use hashtags to tag topics, but override the hashtag and link to the channel if a channel name is used. (This may be a problem for channels with names that can be used as topics, such as “marketing”).

Right now we’re leaning towards option 1, but wanted to start a conversation here before moving forward.

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Mattermost newbie here (we’ll be setting up a server in our office soon) and I have been looking for this feature, so I personally would welcome it very much.

As for the options, using a #hashtag would be more convinient, but if this too complicated to implement, option 1 would also be fine in my opinion. This will be especially useful for users who are not very tech-savvy.

Thank you and best wishes

I think avoiding collisions with hashtags is the way to go.

Option 1 looks good to me.
Although I don’t really have a preference for a symbol, it obviously should not be a sign that is obscure to average users (like ^, § or worse). ! should do the job just fine.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve opened a Jira ticket for this here.

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as far as I can see the Jira Ticket for this is already successfully solved, when will it make its way into the release?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It already has? you can use ~channel and the auto complete will show up.

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Thanks, I read something about !channel which didn’t work, I must have missed the ~ part.


How do you reference TEAM+CHANNEL? ~TEAM_NAME#CHANNEL_NAME would work nicely…

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Any progress here? I’m curious how to do this as well.

Does this post help Referencing Channels?

I think the question was how to reference a team change for a channel. Say you’re in team B and want to reference channel 1 in team A via something like ~A#1