Remind plugin missing from the marketplace

Hi there,

the “Remind Plugin” is advertised @ Remind Plugin - Mattermost but its not available from the marketplace.
Did I missed something in the configuration or is there any reason why its not available over there?

As far as I can see, it never was in the marketplace - there has been a discussion on the Community server some time ago about adding it, but I cannot see where that ended.
There’s also an open issue in the plugin’s GitHub repository about that - maybe Mattermost wants to provide something on their own in the future?

looks like this question should be answered by mattermost

is anybody @ mattermost even reading forum posts?

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From time to time, yes :slight_smile:

Post reminders are now a native feature inside Mattermost, and while not at a 100% feature parity with the plugin, we will eventually get there.

Given that, it is fairly low priority to get that in marketplace. However, that shouldn’t block you from just downloading the plugin and installing it by yourself. Unless you are cloud customer, in which case, you should already have access to the reminder feature.