RESOLVED_Gitlab 8.4 / Mattermost 1.4.0 : Users cannot login after upgrade


after upgrading from Gitlab 8.0 to 8.4 we have some users that cannot access Mattermost anymore. They got a new invite from the team lead after the upgrade.

  • When they click on the invite, they are forwarded to the login page Login with Gitlab
  • A page apears saying
GitLab Mattermost needs your help:
This gitlab account has already been used to sign up for team <team name>

Go back to team site
- From here paths seem to part. While some are forwarded to the channel when clicking on ```Go back to team site``` others are are forwarded to a site where they can create their own team, but not access the channel they are invited to.

Only some users have this problem, but I cannot see what is different to the accounts that are working. Both user groups had been working with 0.7-Beta before the upgrade.

I did follow the guide to change email an nickname of user that i found [here](, but nothing changed.

We got it solved somehow. Probably the re-invitelink was personalized for a specfici user. Some users were able to enter when going to the channel URL directly, others had to be deleted and could register again.