Restricting users from accessing Mattermost outside firewall

So, we’d like a few (select) Team members to access MM outside firewall. We don’t want to impose a vpn as it could be " one more burden" for our users .

Was wondering if there is any plan to implement an configuration file or xml so that we can select the users that can access MM from outside company.


Thanks @root, appreciate the feedback!

Would you like to contribute this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a ticket accepting pull requests?

Please include a link back to this forum issue. If you’re interested in implementing, please say so and we’ll prioritize the review.

You get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.

Thanks for the reply. My message was lengthy, but i hope the point is

Thank you

Let me know what else i need to do to help prioritize the review. Thanks

Thanks @root for the detailed request!

If you use Active Directory or SAML, those are also options that let’s you control which users have access to the Mattermost server, and are part of our advanced authentication features.