Is content filtering based on connection point possible?

We are evaluating mattermost at a company that is required to comply to certain industry regulations that force us to have 2 networks, one internal for the content we work on and one external for accessing internet.
The test mattermost server lives on the content network where the majority of the business needs are but would also like to be able to access the server from the external network with certain restrictions applied, specifically having images and attachments disabled/stripped/filtered for users that are accessing it from the outside.
Is there any built in functionality that would allow this, a recommended clever setup, or plugins that could fill this need?

Hi @orde, thank you for reaching out.

I’m not sure about the answer, so I’ll reach out to our team for more information on this.

@orde One of our developers said that this could be done with a plugin. Specifically these two hooks would be useful:

Those are good pointers, thanks. Though it seems that one could prevent users from actually uploading content and storing it in the database in the first place, while the goal I have is to store the images and/or attachments and have them be available to everyone that’s accessing the server from an internal network client, but filter it for users that are accessing it via clients from the external network.

Hi @orde, I apologize for the delay,

This could be done with a plugin, further information on how to contribute plugins can be found here: Otherwise, this might also be a good Feature request.

Also, the plugin.Context getting all that data is something we’re actively working on.