Custom plugins in Mattermost Cloud?

Hi all,

I’m running an instance of Mattermost Cloud free version, and I was wondering about getting custom plugins installed in this version.

Installing plugins from the Plugin Marketplace works without issue. I also see in the Docs that custom plugins are not able to be uploaded via the inbuilt System Console by design (i.e. to mitigate risk). However, at the same time I see that enabling custom plugins is pretty straightforward by manually editing config.json (PluginSettings > EnableUploads) and then uploading tarballs as appropriate.

Is it also possible to do this in Mattermost Cloud instances? Maybe via SSH? If it helps, the main plugins I was looking at were the Collabora Mattermost Plugin and the Mattermost File List Plugin.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, @matogoro

The ability of editing config.json is applicable for Mattermost Server only. As you have mentioned, the restriction of uploading third-party / custom plugins or integrations is to ensure that the user experience across Mattermost Cloud is seamless and in control.

While you can perform some backend changes through mmctl, enabling plugin uploads is not one of them.

I would recommend you to reach out to the respective plugin developers to verify if they are planning to make them available on Mattermost Cloud eventually.

Hope that helps. Happy to reach out to them if you prefer.

Thanks for the fast response! It would be fantastic if we could get these implemented in the Mattermost Cloud, and it would be a huge production boost to my team.

I’ll be sure to reach out to those projects. But if you have a closer relationship with these folks or more insight, I’d definitely appreciate the assistance.


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Hi, @matogoro

You are most welcome. I went ahead and created the following issue to address this to the Collabora team:

Meanwhile, I noticed that you have also created one for File List plugin:

Fingers crossed, it will get implemented soon!