Migrating from self-hosted to Cloud: Custom Plugins

Can we create custom plugins in Mattermost Cloud after migration?

I understand that “If you’re using plugins that aren’t listed on the Marketplace, they won’t be included in the export and you won’t have access to them going forward…”

Which seems mostly clear but I can formulate a loophole in my mind that says something like, “…but all I’ll need to do is remake the plugin in the Cloud instance.” But maybe even that’s not possible.


Hi and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Unfortunately due to security reasons, only plugins that are in the Marketplace are allowed to be installed on the Mattermost cloud instances.
You can, however, use the App Framework to connect custom tooling to your Mattermost cloud instances. The App Framework plugin is predeployed on all cloud instances and bridges the gap for most applications, although some plugins still need to be migrated to it (or depending on the use case, probably always will keep being plugins).

Is the plugin you want to install something you developed on your own? If so, please check out if the App framework could be a long-term solution for your needs.

Thanks. Yes, the plugin was developed in-house. It sounds like it could be the solution, although I notice that it says it’s not yet ready for production instances. Is there an ETA for when it will be ready for production?

It’s saying that because it’s the first release and heavily under development currently, but people are already starting to write integrations, so the framework itself should be pretty stable, but some things might change along the road in the new few months/years, but from a stability point of view I’m not aware of any problems or crashes so far, but YMMV.

As with regards to the roadmap: There’s no official information currently, sorry, but I’ll try to get some insights.

Update: The apps framework has been released GA with the 7.0 release of the Mattermost server, so the FAQ is outdated here (just got the confirmation by the developers). Feel free to use it in production, the FAQ page will be updated ASAP (thanks for pointing this out!).

Great, thanks. This is very helpful.

You’re welcome! If you have any further questions, let me know and if this solved your problem, please mark one of my answers as solution so that other users can quickly identify it.