Session expired email/username or password invalid

When I started the desktop app I got the error:

session expired

We’re using Mattermost ( for about two months now, never seen that message.

Login for myself and my other users gives:

The email/username or password is invalid

No way that both can be wrong at the same time. Our phone apps give the same error.

Tried resetting for one account. Received no email, as if the account does not exist.

Only the link the the cloud server is still valid, but can’t login there either.

Is there a solution for this?

Hi hurdsean and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I do not have access to the cloud instances, but I will see if I can alert someone from the team about that. Did you already try to file a support request with the cloud support team? Make sure to tell them your cloud username or instance ID.

There was a Cloud incident that affected logins, but the incident was resolved a few hours ago Are you still experiencing the issue?

I can still not login to my cloud server.

Have you had a chance to file a support request with our support team? Please add details on your cloud username or instance ID

Having a similar problem - sessions expired, can’t log back in using known user/pass through phone app, windows app, or web browser. I have sent a ticket to the support team, just posting here out of solidarity.

Hi all, our SRE team is currently looking into this. Please subscribe to status updates at

Hi everyone, we have identified the root cause and will have a fix available soon. Updates will be shared via our status page at

Well, that was scary. But it got fixed (and I got a lot of quick responses), I have access again, I’m happy. :wink:

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