Session status of Deactivated user email by organization while he/she was login

Hello, I hope you are good and doing well.
I have a random question related to enterprise feature of mattermost which is Google SSO authentication. If a user registered in mattermost database by using organization email domain i.e., and we are using enterprise feature of mattermost which is Google SSO for login. If a user login via google sso and organization deactivated his email. Is this user session remain active on mattermost? or what will be the scenario for this kind of situation.

@agriesser @agnivade Brother can you ans above question? I will be thankful for it.

Hi manzoor,

I never used Google SSO in combination with Mattermost. I assume you configured it using the OpenID Connect setting, right? Do you have a demo account you can try that out with? The OIDC specification explicitly talks about logout callback URLs to be implemented by the clients, but since this is part of the Enterprise codebase I cannot check that this has been implemented to verify it. The easiest would be to create a demo account, login with it to Mattermost and then disable it in your OIDC provider and see what happens.

@agriesser Thanks for your reply. Yes I configured it using OpenID Connect Settings. Alright I will test this scenario using demo account.

Hi @manzoor77 ,

just wanted to check back in here - were you successful in your tests with the demo account?