Sessions expired after upgrade

I recently upgraded to Mattermost 5.12.0 from 5.10.0 by following the upgrade guidelines (as usual).

My admin user sessions (both mobile and linux client) expired after upgrading. It seems to have happened for all users.

Is this normal behavior or are there any extra steps that I can take to ensure session continuity when upgrading?

I’ve previously made the following changes in config.json:
“SessionLengthWebInDays”: 36500,
“SessionLengthMobileInDays”: 36500,
“SessionLengthSSOInDays”: 36500,

Hi @Qbert, do you see any Mattermost log errors from the time this happened?

Hi Qbert, could you elaborate further on what you meant by the user sessions expired after upgrading? Did you mean immediately after the upgrade, when Mattermost is accessed again, the sessions are expired? Or even some time after the upgrade, the sessions are not being saved as long as they should be?

If you meant immediately after the upgrade, then I suspect that this is an expected behavior. From my understanding, during the upgrade process (as described in this documentation, the Mattermost instance would have to be shut down, and after the upgrade started back up again. As the instance was shut down, the sessions would be expired as well.

Let me know if I misunderstood or missed anything.

Thank you both. You are correct @joewai.tye. It occurred directly after upgrading. And the fact that it seems to be expected behavior is both calming (nothing seems to be wrong with my server) but it also bothers me a bit.

I have quite a few users that are only using the mobile app. If they don’t get notifications on their phone they assume that nothing is happening on mattermost. Some have email notifications disabled.

This might be a reason for not upgrading if you are less security concerned than me.

I’m considering to submit a feature request. Or do you see any reasons not to?