Slack to MM migration: Unable to upload file. File is too large

Hello. I’m trying to migrate from Slack to MM. I’ve already done all the steps and now I need to upload the content to my MM server.

When I run the command:

mmctl import upload ./

I get this error:

WARNING: server version doesn’t match mmctl version 8.0.0

Error: failed to create upload session: : Unable to upload file. File is too large.

I’ve already updated the: MM_FILESETTINGS_MAXFILESIZE to: 75161927680 (which should be 70GB). My .zip weighs 36GB.

My server runs through Traefik. I’m unsure if I need to add any other variables…

Team Edition
Mattermost Version: 9.8.1
Database Schema Version: 120
Build Number: 9253470812
Database: postgres

I appreciate the help.

In case the version mismatch has anything to do with this, you can grab the right version of mmctl via