Slack vs Discord Vs Mattemorst

Hello there,

i m looking for tab with all différence features for the 3 tools.

For me now i think the best Discord.

but the big problem is the hosting, we can 't host u own server that not cool.

Thanks all

Hi there, @Issa2019

I would say that self hosting is one of the best selling point for Mattermost for sure. Besides having a different target audience (enterprise versus gaming, as far I know), can you share features that you came across in Discord that differs between the rest of the tools?

It will be interesting to see and understand other features that are essential in the communication tool world. Thanks.

Responding to this conversation because we’re new to Mattermost, and just went through the same evaluation. The things that caused us to switch from Discord to Mattermost are:

  1. Self-hosted
  2. Better support for Markdown
  3. Support for LaTeX
  4. Message threads
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