Slash command response attachments are limited to 10

Hello! I am building a /remind slash command integration clone of slack’s same thing.

I am in the beta testing phase and fixing/finding bugs.

One of the features of command is /remind list which lists out your reminders with various options to delete, snooze, complete, etc. This was accomplished via interactive action buttons in response attachments.

Note, this works fine when displaying the ephermeral version (outside a user peronsal channel). This fails when running the command in the personal channel (the non-ephemeral version).

How can we increase the count of attachments in a response? Can it be unbounded? A very high number? Something higher or variable/adjustable more than 10?


Hi @scottleedavis!

I was unable to find information regarding the limit so I’ll ask our team if there is a known workaround.

@scottleedavis - Response from a dev: “That’s by default. I don’t think there’s an explicit limit until the database column used to store those runs out of space.”

@amy.blais OK! So if that is by default, how do I change the default? Is that a configuration option? Not having an explicit length constraint in storage is great!

@scottleedavis - Summary from dev response: There’s no way to change the default, there’s no explicit limit or way to control it.

Thank you @amy.blais. :slight_smile:

Could you relay more questions please? I will bring this up with @eric during testing of

If there is no limit, could the dev please demonstrate 11 attachments please? This has proven impossible on the test docker image as well as a production deploy. My tests can never exceed 10 successfully. :slight_smile:

Excellent @saturnino demoed me > 10 attachments which mean it is likely my code. :slight_smile:

however… I can replicate attachment count > 10 seemingly without end… it is when there are actions inside the attachment where the error occurs. currently, I get errors at 24 buttons. thoughts?

Thanks @scottleedavis. After looking at your payload of 24 buttons, I found it exceeded the maximum limit of post.Props which is set at 8000, while your attachments with 24 buttons have barely exceeded at 8107.
I would suggest to limit that attachment to meet the set maximum limit.