[Solved] Android apps not working - Cannot connect to the server

Hello there.

So i got mattermost behind ngins reverse proxy

work perfectly in web navogator, but i want using it on android with mattemrost application :slight_smile:
but i have this error :

Cannot connnect to the server. PLease chack your server URL and internet connection

i see on mattemrost documentation added an info on my nginx conf but still not working.

so maybe is because i m using an auto signed certificat ?

can we say accept all certificat on the android apps

thanks to all

Hi @Spartacus2018, please take a look at our troubleshooting guide here: https://docs.mattermost.com/mobile/mobile-troubleshoot.html#i-keep-getting-a-message-cannot-connect-to-the-server-please-check-your-server-url-and-internet-connection.

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still not working.

my last idea is to get a ssl certificat valid with let’s encrypt


Hi @Spartacus2018,

If you don’t want to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate you can follow these instructions to install your self-signed cert on your Android device.

so i added a let’s encrypt on my proxy reverse and now tha apps works


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