Android can't connect to the server

Hi everybody

First of all…sorry for my English

I’ve installed Mattermost in a Qnap and everything works perfectly, it’s awesome. Via web o Mac app works properly, quick and there’s no problem…everything is wonderful.

But, when I install the app for Android there are some problems.
At the beginning, when I install it for the first time, it works fine and there’s no problem and, when the time passes by, the app can’t connect to the server.

I don’t know the reason

If somebody could help me


Hi @Chemistrip,

Thank you for your feedback (and… your English is fantastic! :slight_smile: )

Could you share a little about which server version of Mattermost you have installed and which version of Android you have on your device?

Wondering whether uninstalling and reinstalling the Android app will help?

Hi Lindy!!!
Thanks for your response

The server version is: running in a Qnap NAS
The android version is: 1.6.1

I’ve installed and uninstalled the app several times…and the problem continues.

Thank you so much

Hi @Chemistrip,

Thanks for your feedback,

We’d recommend upgrading to the latest version of Mattermost to see whether this issue still reproduces after upgrade. There have been numerous improvements since v4.2 which, collectively, might resolve your issue.

I have the same issue but I am on the latest build.
@Chemistrip try connecting to, when you get the login screen go back then place your server url. It should connect but if you close the app you have to do the process again. I am having that issue.

Dear people of the future you can see details of this error in Github.

At the moment if you’ve self-signed your SSL certificate the app won’t accept it without building a version with some added configuration. If you’re using a different certificate such as one from Let’s Encrypt, it should work if you provide the full certificate chain. I’ve detailed in Github how I did that with Let’s Encrypt.

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Hi piemonkey

Thanks for the answer. Maybe could you explain how to do it?..for somebody that has no idea programming


Unfortunately I can’t give a less technical description than my comment on Github. If you’re using a self-signed certificate you’ll need to install the certificate on your device and have the latest (1.14.0) version of the app.

We had the same problem (working on web and iOS but not Android). In our case our GoDaddy server cert was signed by an intermediate cert (“GoDaddy Secure Server Certificate (Intermediate Certificate) - G2”) that was not in the default CA Certs on the Android devices; once the cert was added manually problem solved.