Android app is not working

I’m using mattermost 5.0.0 on my QNAP NAS and mattermost app 1.18.0 on android.
On Windows, i have no problem.
On IOS, i have no problem.

The app work well on first connection until i change android app. When i reopen mattermost app the issue happen and the “Can’t connect, please verify the URL and your internet connection” error appears. if i reboot the android phone nothing changes.

if i make a logout on the app i can’t pass the first address and connection step but i have found a strange workaround : i have to close the app, i have to set , click on connect reaching username and password windows, now i have to go back setting my mattermost server address where i put my (https) server address and magically i can pass over the connect issue, set username and password and access to public channel and it works and i can send a message.
When i’m in also push notification works.

Then the app stop to work again. And then i have to do the same manipulation.

Do you have any idea?
Thank you

Hi @Tony,

Have you had a chance to take a look at this troubleshooting guide:

Thank you @amy.blais, i’ll have a look.

I had a look.
I have checked everything
I have checked the ssl certificate and it says A Score.
So i don’t understand why it does’nt work . And why when i connect with and i disconnect, then i can connect to my server…

@Tony, Would you be able to test if you see the same issue on a more recent server version (our latest version is v5.10)?

Amy, I have installed mattermost via Qnap install button.

How can i update my version to the v5.10 ?

Thank you

Le mar. 30 avr. 2019 à 16:10, Amy Blais via Mattermost Peer-to-Peer Forum a écrit :

Hi @Tony,

Are you able to ask QNAP Systems, Inc. for an update (if you would like to try on 5.10)?

I will ask them.
Where could I find the 5.10 package ? Thank you