[SOLVED] BabelFish - Slash command and webhook framework


So we moved from Slack to Mattermost, and we’re happy as hell :slight_smile: However, there’s one thing which is a bit annoying: There are a lot of missing integrations in Mattermost.

Unfortunately, most of our services don’t support Mattermost (yet) and we started on this script which implements Giphy as slash command. Then we started to tinkering with GitHub. Of course there are already implementations out there, but having several application servers running just for a few integrations isn’t very nice.

So I started to work on something new, as described here: http://mattermost-babelfish.readthedocs.io/
Code is right here: https://github.com/confirm/Mattermost-BabelFish

It’s called Mattermost BabelFish and it aims to be a modular slash command & webhook framework. It’s all based on Py3 and Flask. So instead of creating all these different application servers, I thought it would be nice to group them together to a single and central hub. Everything is plugin-based, so creating new integrations should be straight-forward.

I just started with it and therefore I’ve only created a Giphy (slash command) and Github (webhook) plugin so far.

Now I’m interested if that would be something you can use for your Mattermost installation? It would be pretty awesome if I could find some help to build more plugins open-source, so that we can share it among each other.


Developing plugins is straight-forward and easy. I’ve added an example in the docs:


Fantastic news @dbarton!

Thank you so much for sharing what you have already created!

You didn’t say, so I’m just wondering whether you’ve visited the Apps and Integrations page?

You’re also welcome to join our production server where you’ll be able to chat to others in the Integrations and Apps Channel

Whoot… didn’t knew that page :slight_smile: Thanks mate!

Pleasure @dbarton! Glad you’re all set!