[SOLVED] Bogus "they do not belong to this channel" message

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A specific user is in several channels, but when someone mentions them by @username they see a bogus message “username was mentioned, but they did not receive a notification because they do not belong to this channel.”

Steps to reproduce

Has occurred since upgrading from 3.2 to 3.5. Conditions to reproduce are otherwise unknown.

Expected behavior

Since the user is in the channel we do not expect this message to appear, and we expect the user to get a notification.

Observed behavior


  • username is correct in the user’s account settings and in the database
  • user is shown as a channel member and is in the ChannelMembers database table, and has many posts in the channel
  • autocomplete of the username works fine, and shows the user as in the channel
  • using other mention words seems to work as expected - only the username has this curious effect

Hi @gubbins - can you check if they have notifications for @username disabled? I think it might be causing the issue.

(Account settings > Notifications > Words that Trigger Mentions > Your username mentioned “@username”).

We’re thinking about getting rid of this setting, since when people send “@username” they expect the person to be notified, and it doesn’t really make sense to let people turn it off (they can just turn off desktop/email notifications if they want no notifications).

Thanks, yes they did not have this enabled but they had a different “@otherusername” in their NotifyProps. Resolving that restored normal behaviour.

This is still unexpected behaviour, right? With those settings, I would have expected them to simply not get a mention, and the “they do not belong to this channel” message should not be shown.

I agree that removing the setting sounds sensible!

Yeah it’s unexpected behaviour, getting the “they do not belong to this channel” message was a bug.

The setting is removed now on master, so the message shouldn’t show up in the next release :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks.