[SOLVED] Console Log Blank & Cannot Set Log to File

When I view the System Console the “Server Logs” window is an empty white box. Clicking refresh briefly causes a loading icon which then disappears.

When I try to set logging to file to true I get an error “We received an unexpected status code from the server. (500)”. Trying to manually set log-to-file to true in config.json prevents mattermost loading on restart.

I am running on Amazon Lightsail and I deployed Mattermost using Cloudron.

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong or where I should try next? I’m new to SSH but I have done a search for any file called mattermost.log and drawn a blank. I can’t find any sort of log output anywhere which I need in order to debug incoming hooks I am trying to setup.

Thanks for any help

Thanks @Naga for the report,

Can you check if you have any nulls in your config file? That has caused issues in the past as we use "" for unspecified fields.

@jasonblais Thank you for the suggestion. I have checked the config and there are no null values - everything is either set or “”.

I have now tried this on both Amazon Lightsail and cloudron.me Digital Ocean hosting and I get the same result so I am starting to think it’s an issue in the way Cloudron deploys Mattermost.

Hmm good point – can you help open an issue on the Cloudron project to see if they have any thoughts?

They might be better help with troubleshooting

Already done. I’ll post here the outcome once I get a response.

I did wonder if it could be a permissions related but other changes to the settings clearly work just fine - it’s only enabling log to file which produces a 500 error in the AJAX feedback at the bottom of the page.

The issue was caused by Cloudron re-directing the log info to their own logging system. They have now released an update to the Mattermost Cloudron app which fixes the issue.