[SOLVED] EnableOnlyAdminIntegrations default behavior


The description of the EnableOnlyAdminIntegrations configuration option says “Integrations are available to all users after they have been created by the Admin,” when it is set to the default value of true.

Is there a way to make webhooks that are only available to admins? Where do regular users see the webhooks that have been created?


Hi @ryantm,

Thanks for your feedback,

And good question! As the integrations menu option is not available to regular users if integrations are set to be managed by admins only, I’m not sure regular users are able to see the webhooks that have been created.

I’ve asked our team for input on this and perhaps we need to update our docs to be clearer on what’s expected.

I’ll post back here with their feedback…

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Hey @ryantm,

Feedback I’ve received seems to indicate that, while custom emoji and slash commands are visible to regular users (via the emoji picker and by typing a / in the message input box) when EnableOnlyAdminIntegrations is set to true, it doesn’t seem necessary to show regular users a list of incoming or outgoing webhooks anywhere.

This is because although regular users will experience the benefits of webhooks created by Admins, they won’t have access to edit or delete them.

So, in reality, if EnableOnlyAdminIntegrations is set to true, the webhooks are accessible for editing / deleting by admins only.

Does this answer your query?

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