[Solved] exportFileAttachment: Failed to copy file during export

Trying to migrate to self-hosted mattermost from cloud. I’m not able to create export file.

Steps to reproduce

----mmctl version v7.10.3
mmctl export create
mmctl export job show go1qtex1jj8d88fby8anrfi1no
WARNING: server version 8.0.0.cloud-2023-07-11-1.560766a6928674b8d5df169485022da2.true doesn’t match mmctl version v7.10.3
ID: go1qtex1jj8d88fby8anrfi1no
Status: error
Created: 2023-07-18 06:27:16 +0000 UTC
Started: 2023-07-18 09:18:06 +0000 UTC
Data: map[channels_exported:96 direct_channels_exported:18 direct_posts_exported:1258 emojis_exported:15 error:Error during job execution. — exportFileAttachment: Failed to copy file during export., err=The specified key does not exist. include_attachments:true posts_exported:3671 teams_exported:4 users_exported:21]

Expected behavior
I have my self hosted install ready to import data, but after the error the export file is generated without attachments and incomplete.

Please help

This might be related to an incident that we’re currently investigating. Feel free to sign up for status updates via https://status.mattermost.com/.

Hello ,try mmctl export create --attachments

Thank you
All running smoothly now

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Glad I could help :+1:t4: