[SOLVED] GitLab authentication not available on Mattermost 2017 - Beta mobile app

Hi there,

we recently upgraded our Mattermost installation to the latest 3.8.2 release and wanted to try the beta mobile native application for Android.

Our instance uses internal GitLab for authenticating users but the Signin with GitLab button is missing from the login screen and therefore I cannot login. If I try to sign-in anyway, I got a message stating that I should use GitLab, but it’s impossible since that feature is missing.

Below you can see the old application: as you can see, there’s a GitLab button which is missing in the beta version.

Looking forward to seeing the GitLab authentication in the native app soon.

Many thanks for your support

Below a screenshot of the new beta version: as you can see the GitLab button is missing.

(I posted a new message because for some reason I wasn’t able to post two images in a single post).

Hi @pizzop,

Thanks for your post!

Yes, at the moment, the new Beta version for Android and iOS is under development and in testing mode so not all the features that are in the old mobile apps have yet been incorporated.

We appreciate your testing the Beta version and hope it won’t be too long before you’re able to log in with GitLab. At the moment we don’t have a timeline for the GitLab login but there is this ticket to track it.

Hi @lindy65, many thanks for your support. Looking forward to having GitLab login in the new app.

We use Mattermost (in Docker containers) as ChatOps tool in our CI/CD/DevOps environment based on GitLab, so for us having GitLab logins it’s a pre-requisite for the wider usage inside the company.

Kind Regards,

Pleasure @pizzop!

I’ll close this issue off for now and we can track via the Jira ticket.

Again, appreciate your feedback as you test the app!

I just noticed that this feature has been added to the latest beta release! :slightly_smiling_face: Good stuff! :+1: Many thanks for your support.


Glad you like it @pizzop! We’re working very hard on the beta mobile app. It should be released to the app store on iOS and the playstore on Android within the next couple of days so we’ll have the first official version out!

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