[Solved] How can I delete a channel?

Is there any possibility to delete a channel in the latest version?

hi @benoitc, if you click on the name of the channel in the header and select “Delete Channel” it will remove the channel from the list of channels available. This is actually an “archive” function and the channel and history will remain in the database.

While there is not currently an option to permanently delete a channel, feature idea recommendations are highly valued: http://www.mattermost.org/feature-requests/

ok so i can delete regular channels that way. I was confused by the Town Square channel which can’t be deleted :confused:

It’s a good question, and I can see why it would be confusing. Maybe we should name the channel something like “general” so it’s more clear that it’s a special channel that no one would want to have deleted…


Yeah, I’d like to second that. I went into Postgres and changed the name on the back end to General, but that throws things off since the default channel is Town Square.

I think the name of the Un-deletable channel should be a config setting.

Second Third that. I run a team that operates primarily in another language and it’s very difficult to explain what “Town Square” is. The default undeletable channel needs to be configurable.

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Accepting Pull Requests on making Town Square able to be renamed,

There are now tutorial tips explaining that Town Square is a special channel, and a new Accepting Pull Requests ticket for adding a dialog to explain the special nature of Town Square.

Hi, I tried to delete a channel in Mattermost but nothing happened. What should I do ?

What makes this worse is that you can select “Delete Channel” for Town Square, it will ask you for confirmation, but when you confirm, nothing happens.

You can also rename the channel, but the URL can’t be changed and the stub is still “town-square”, which is confusing.

Not being able to delete a channel is very painful. I have ended up with too many channels after import from Slack and Mattermost has not even got the Delete Channel for the administrator anywhere. Very bad…

Hi, everyone.

The feature of deleting channel is available through the usage of CLI or mmctl.

May I know if can give it a try on your end to delete the channel of your chocie?


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