[SOLVED] How do i set the base URL for apache SSL forwarding?


i want to set up Mattermost on my-domain-name.com/mattermost and have apache proxy SSL requests to localhost.8065.

Now, every configuration example i find let’s mattermost run in /
I have several services and need Mattermost in reachable via https://my-domain-name.com/mattermost.

Sorry, that isn’t possible at this time. We’re tracking this as https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PLT-200

Has this been resolved? Is this still NOT an option?

Hi @seanvree,

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We’re still tracking the issue with this ticket which is quite old now. I’ve sent it to triage to see whether the product team has an update for us.

@lindy65 -

Glad to see SOMEONE is working on this! Looks like it’s high demand!

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Any eta on when this will be integrated/finished?

Hi @davidbwelch,

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It’s currently a help wanted ticket

Is this something you’d be interested in helping with?