Mattermost 3.4.0 On Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP - Apache Config Fails

SO I have Mattermost up and running and can get in and use it on port 8065.

I have an SSL set up (and working to the Apache DocumentRoot /var/www/html).

I have been trying to find an Apache config, that will Proxy traffic to the Matterost server but I simply cant get the damn thing to work. I am at hour 30 now trying to get this running under SSL so I can roll it out and have hit a wall I can’t think my way around.

Any help greatly appreciated, let me know what you need log wise and I will post it up promptly.

Thanks in advance!

OK. So the real issue is none of the setup instructions is complete. They all cover pieces and leave out others. The main issue I had was what mods needed to be enabled in Apache to facilitate the transfer from http to ws. NONE of the directions I found online covered needing the ws mods.

Will post up a "Mattermost on Apache for Dummies shortly

Awesome, thanks @Blackthorne!