[SOLVED] Ideas for connecting channels between teams?

Hi folks!

In our company, we have one team (lets call it “Events”) that should be able to participate discussions on couple of channels in so called “General” team (Town square & Off-topic) but not to be able to join other channels in this team. Are there any other possibilities to do these in E10 than webhooks between these team/channel pairs? Any ideas?

In the same time, one of this “Event” team members needs to be able to participate only one channel in “Sales” but not be able to join any other channel in “Sales”. Is this kind of integration between one channel and one use even possible without external connectors like Sameroom.io or Zapier? We’re using Zapier and used also Sameroom.io before but which we were not satisfied with.

Common for both cases is that one or several users need to be able to read and post to channels without being team members. We don’t have so many users that subscribing to E20, which would get the single-channel guest feature soon, would be feasible for us either. I’d be delighted about ideas, especially to latter case with single-user to be added to a remote-team channel.

Solved with sameroom.io bot subscription. Using incoming-outgoing webhook combo doesn’t work either as the username gets lost without having something to handle it in between the hooks.

Hoping you’ll add the guest access to team channels feature to E10 too.