[SOLVED] Incoming WebHook

I can successfully send a single text string via internal webhook from vb.net but when I attempt to do any formatting such as add vbCRLF I get an exception- mattermost returns exception 500

I also attempted StringBuilder

      builder.Append("Location: some location")
      builder.Append("Person: some person").AppendLine()

How do I format a string for the following layout with line feed?

Location: some location
Person: some person
Amount: some amount

I should have paid more attention to the documentation provided. This correctly works “# A Header\nThe text below the header.”

I don’t know anything about vb.net, but what happens if you simply put the literal text \n at the end of one of your strings?

AFAIK AppendLine() will by default add a Environment.NewLine, which uses the system default, for example \r\n on windows.

Yes, that was the solution. I read but didn’t comprehend the documentation Mattermost provided until I tried their example and saw it worked. Thx for replying

Issue resolved. Thank you

Great to hear @mnelson!