[SOLVED] Integration with Trello: help needed

Hi everybody.

I have recently switched from Slack to MatterMost for our team project PARTONS.Everything went relatively smoothly, but for the fact that I am unable to understand how the trello integration works.

I know it exists in the form of matterllo. However, I fail to understand what are the steps one needs to follow to make it work. In particular I do not understand at all the documentation provided, and a search in google did not get me any farer.

Can someone provide me with a step by step guide on what to do? We need this working ASAP.

Thank you!

Hi @dbinosi,

Our current version doesn’t yet support this but we’ve created a ticket referencing your issue so instructions can be written up to use Zapier as a tool to solve this.

For managing my projects and tasks I use a free web based team management tool at Fluxes.com. It has similar function to Trello and it’s completely free.